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We at Catalyst Cattle Company are dedicated to continuously educating ourselves in the rapidly evolving and advancing cattle industry.   


We are challenging the status quo and the accepted norms of the cattle industry to supply our customers with a superior beef product that they will notice in the first bite.   We will continue to bring forth a change in our beef carcass that will imprint on all future generations. 


We handle our cattle in a humane, stress-free environment every time.  Falling back to the roots of ranching and the cowboy lifestyle, we use horses to move and work our cattle.  The gentle nature of our cattle is complemented with quiet, stress-free and safe handling.  This keeps the carcass free of harmful enzymes that damage the finished quality of the beef that is too often overlooked by other producers. 


Catalyst Cattle Company is reaching new heights, utilizing the rich history of the family operated ranch, continuing education, new innovations and available technologies.   


Catalyst Cattle Company is combining these tools to propel our dams, sires, progeny and our beef carcasses in a direction that will surpass the current standard accepted by the beef industry. 


Catalyst Cattle are bred, born and raised in the high mountain country of the Last Best Place- under the big skies of Southwest Montana.  All of our cattle are raised naturally, free of any hormones and chemicals.


Our vaccination program is continually being evaluated and ever evolving, with the assistance of our veterinarians. Our goal is to keep our beef as natural and healthy as possible for the consumer demanding excellence in their choice of beef

From sires to mothers to calves, all cattle are fed a diet of free choice grass and alfalfa. Our custom mineral plan keeps them healthy and happy to ensure a high quality beef carcass that is nothing less than perfection.

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