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Our Herefords bring to the herd, size, milk and mothering abilities that compliment well with our commercial herd. 
The cross breeding of our Herefords and our black angus produces a quality product.
The Black Baldy has bigger bones and the temperament of the Herefords and the durability, sturdiness and independence of the Black Angus to create a truly awesome cow!

There are many reasons why we choose to include the Hereford Breed into our program and future.  They have excellent meat quality which translates to a better meal for our customers, who require better than average beef.  They mature early, live long and are extremely fertile.  Most loved by us, is the easy temperament and good attitude that the Herefords exhibit.  We are extremely confident that you will be pleased with Catalyst Herefords, all decending from a long line of exceptional Montana herds.

Our Commercial Black Angus mothers are heavily culled to allow only the best temperament, the most feminine characteristics and outstanding mothering abilities.  We raise our replacements on the ranch to ensure the disposition and appearance we require in our commercial cows.  Any of the commercial cows or heifers on our ranch are a pleasure to be around and promise to be excellent producers

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